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Grilled Steak with Tangy Chimichurri Sauce

By Heartstone Farm Kitchen

For the Heartstone Farm grass fed meat cuts that are more lean and muscular, this recipe is a great way to guarantee tender, juicy bites of meat balanced with a nice, bright pop of grassy, garlicky flavor. We marinate the meat with a simple marinade, grill it quickly, spoon some chimichurri on top and slice the meat against the grain - a very important step to ensure the slices are most tender and delicious.

A Versatile Sauce for a Variety of Steaks - and Other Creative Ideas

The cut we use in this recipe is our Grass Fed Beef Sirloin Tip Steak which is an affordable steak that weighs in at 16 oz and can serve 3-4 people. Our Skirt Steak, Hanger Steak, Flat Iron and Fajita Meat are also excellent choices for this recipe. 

The chimichurri sauce is great on everything. In addition to serving it on steak, be adventurous and try it on Steak Burger Patties, in tacos, or spooned over sausages. You can make it ahead and store in the fridge for several days or freeze it and have it on hand whenever you want to bring some brightness to your beef.

Push the Limits of Parsley

Traditionally, this Argentinian go-to sauce is made with parsley, however we had some overwintered arugula in the garden that made it through the winter so we mixed some in with the parsley. Its peppery, sweet flavor adds another layer of kick along with the garlic and chili flakes. You could also blend in some basil, chives, mustard or nutrient-dense dandelion greens picked from the yard - whatever is fresh is best. Experiment with the flavors you love.



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