Maine Maple & Bacon Fudge

Maine Maple & Bacon Fudge

By Heartstone Farm Kitchen

Here at the farm, we've got a weakness for sweets just like anyone else. And when we make our desserts, Maine Maple syrup is our favorite sweetener. Made right here right in our backyard, there's no better way to sweeten things up.

Our Inspiration - the Maine Maple Weekend Tradition

Every winter, Mainers tap their trees to produce some of the purest, most delicious maple syrup. We even have an official celebration, Maine Maple Weekend, which we all look forward to during the grayer days of winter, where we visit local sugar shacks to see how the maple syrup magic happens, taste their syrup and all things maple - donuts, ice cream, cotton candy, you name it. Sugarmakers take great pride in producing their maple syrup and we at Heartstone Farm take great pride in our pasture-raised Uncured Country Smoked Bacon, made with pork from hogs humanely raised with the highest standards at Serenity Farm in Maine. All Natural. No antibiotics. You can truly taste the difference.

Maine Maple & Bacon Fudge - Sweet & Salty Delight

With Maine Maple Sunday approaching, we figured it's the perfect time to create our own sweet treat, pairing Maine maple syrup with our pasture-raised Uncured Country Smoked Bacon. The sweet and salty combination along with the earthiness of toasted pecans makes for a very special, creamy fudge with a nice crunch. Just a few simple, pure ingredients and a bit of patience and you'll have the most delicious Maple & Bacon Fudge to share with family and friends near and far (who wouldn't love to receive a homemade box of Maine Maple & Bacon Fudge in the mail?).

Bacon for All Occasions

Order up some Heartstone Farm pasture-raised bacon today to make this fudge recipe and of course, enjoy the rest crisped up alongside eggs, in the best BLT ever, in a tasty Cobb salad, wrapped around some scallops or dates - so many delicious possibilities. What's your favorite way to enjoy our bacon?


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