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Chicken Caesar Salad

By Heartstone Farm Kitchen

When you want a satisfying salad, Chicken Caesar Salad is the way to go. The all-natural air-chilled chicken breast and croutons bring flavor, texture and fill you up while the greens add bright color, taste and a crisp crunch. Fold in that dressing and you have a nice creamy texture and a bit of tangy punch. It's a meal in itself or a great family-style starter. This recipe is flexible. You can use other cuts of our poultry as well including chicken tenderschicken thigh meat, slices from a whole chicken. You could even us our all-natural turkey tenderloins which would be delicious! Whichever you prefer. 

Just a friendly reminder that our all-natural chicken is far superior to grocery store chicken in taste and nutritional value. We source our chickens from our friends at CommonWealth Poultry in Gardiner, Maine. In turn, Commonwealth gets its chickens from family farms in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania where they have close, long-term relationships.

The chicken is air chilled which is a cutting edge method to cool the meat to safe temperatures and preserve freshness. Other companies cool their chicken in chemical-laden water baths, meaning your chicken absorbs both. We believe your family deserves better than that. CommonWealth Poultry butchers their chickens with care right here in Maine on the same day it is received through our doors. After carefully and precisely following all USDA regulations during the butchering process, they pass the product through several environmentally controlled cooling chambers where purified cold air circulates the product. The result is a healthier, safer, and flavorful chicken. Read more about the benefits of all-natural air-chilled chicken.

We hope you and family and guests enjoy the slightly sweet and savory flavor of real chicken, raised naturally, without antibiotics or growth hormones.


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