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Stonewood Farm in Vermont

All Natural Vermont Turkey

All Natural Vermont Turkey

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    Available for PRE-ORDERS ONLY. Thanksgiving turkeys will ship the week of Nov. 6 and 13 (choose your delivery week above). You can also select a date after Thanksgiving.

    We sell out of turkeys every year - so please order early to insure you get your choice of size.

    We love Thanksgiving (it’s probably our favorite holiday, even though there’s no beef!)  - and we love knowing that we’ve played a part in making Thanksgiving at your house the best.

    For the last five years, our turkeys have become an annual holiday tradition for hundreds of Heartstone Farm families. 

    What makes our turkeys special?

    It’s knowing that the turkey you’re sharing with your family was raised with love, on a local family farm (not a factory farm!). And, of course, there’s that comment we hear over and over from our customers:

    “Everyone said this was the best turkey they ever had.”

    We are excited this year to be able to offer you Thanksgiving turkeys from Stonewood Farm in Vermont. 

    Located in the valley of the Green Mountains, the Stone family has been raising turkeys for over 30 years.  During that time they have built a reputation for producing outstanding turkeys year in and year out.

    What stood out to us when we first met the Stones was their commitment to the welfare of their flock, and the quality of the meat. It’s the same way we think about our beef cattle - take care of the cows and the proof will be in the product.

    We especially liked the way Grandpa Stone puts it:

    “Just plenty of Vermont air, cold nights, good feed and tender loving care on our family farm.” 

    Thanksgiving Turkeys will be shipped frozen the week of Nov. 6 and 13 leaving plenty of time for your bird to thaw for Thanksgiving (Nov. 23). You can also select delivery after Thanksgiving.

    Click here for Farmer Dan's Turkey Cooking Tips


    • Turkeys are raised at Stonewood Farm in Orwell, Vermont
    • Humanely harvested on the farm
    • All Vegetable feed, whole grain
    • No hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products
    • Turkeys are raised in open-sided, uncrowded barns that provide fresh air and natural sunlight
    • USDA inspected
    • Flash frozen to preserve flavor and quality


    FREE SHIPPING (Reg. $19.95) on turkeys.

    Thanksgiving turkeys ship the weeks of Nov. 6 and 13 giving you plenty of time to thaw your bird before Thanksgiving on Nov. 23. You can also select a date after Thanksgiving (Choose your delivery week in the calendar at the top of this page.)

    We ship to these states: CT, DE, DC, ME, MA, MD, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VA, VT, WV.

    We ship via UPS and FEDEX. You will receive an email with a tracking number when your turkey is shipped. You do not need to be home at the time of delivery.

    We pack and ship your turkey frozen direct from our farm in Maine. All of our packaging can be composted or recycled (no styrofoam). Until we pack your box, your turkey is kept in our freezers (at 0 degrees). We use ice blankets and dry ice to keep your precious turkey super cold during its trip to you. Our packing team (our neighbors) like to say they are packing every order like it's going to their "favorite aunt."

    Cooking Tips

    Plan Thaw Time It will take approximately 4-5 days for a 20 pound turkey to fully defrost in the refrigerator. Do not thaw at room temperature - that is definitely unsafe.

    Add Simple Flavor You want to taste the turkey! I usually rub the outside of the bird with olive oil and sea salt (from Maine, of course). I recommend placing about 10 cloves of garlic, a bunch of fresh thyme and rosemary along with 2 unpeeled oranges cut in half in the cavity of the turkey before cooking.

    Cook on a Rack of Vegetables Instead of a metal rack, create a natural roasting rack by layering carrots, onions and celery on the bottom of the roasting pan. Keeping the turkey off the bottom of the pan will increase the hot air circulation around the whole bird so that it will get crispy all over.

    Use High Temp and Low Temp Start cooking at a low temperature (350F) until it’s almost done. Then raise the temperature to 425F for the last 30 minutes. Doing so will produce a moist evenly cooked bird with a gorgeous, golden-brown crispy skin.

    There’s No Need to Baste the Turkey Studies show that liquid poured over the surface of the turkey does not penetrate the skin. And repeatedly opening the oven door to baste only prolongs the cooking time and heats up the house.

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    A True Family Farm

    Established in 1976 by Paul and Francis Stone, Stonewood Farm in Orwell, Vermont has been a family owned and operated farm ever since and is now run by Peter Stone and Siegrid Mertens. Here are the rules of raising natural turkeys at their farm:

    • The turkey-friendly barns are uncrowded and open-sided providing lots of fresh air and natural sunlight
    • The turkeys are raised without hormones, antibiotics, or animal by-products added to their feed
    • There are no added preservatives or artificial ingredients
    • Humane care at Stonewood means plenty of Vermont air, cold nights, good feed, and tender loving care
    • The turkeys are intentionally grown slowly. This ensures a delicious and naturally self-basting turkey, which lends a superior flavor and juiciness that Stonewood Farm turkey is known for
    • To ensure a humane harvest, Stonewood turkeys are processed at an on-site USDA-approved processing plant that is operated by the family. All turkeys are individually hand graded to ensure the highest quality

    For more information about Stonewood Farm, read this informative article in Country Folks magazine

    Farmer Dan's Note

    I think it matters where your turkey comes from. That's why we're so excited this year to be able to share the turkeys from Stonewood Farm in Vermont. You and your guests will taste the difference and you'll be supporting a local, family farm. It seems to me that's kind of what Thanksgiving should be all about.


    The Stone family's experience over nearly 50 years of growing turkeys at their farm in Vermont really shows. For starters, the poults (new born turkeys) are sourced from Valley of the Moon turkey farm in West Virginia, known as one of the top turkey farms in the country. The turkeys raised by the Stones are allowed to grow more naturally, to 20 weeks (versus 14-16 weeks at larger growers). And the Stones use a nutritionist to create the perfect corn and soy meal formula for the turkeys, even going so far as to have a slightly different blend depending on the turkeys age.

    You choose which week you would like your turkey shipped to you (starting Nov. 6 through Dec. 20). Thanksgiving is on Nov. 23 this year. You can also choose any week before Christmas. Choose your preferred shipping week in the calendar at the top of this page. Turkeys will arrive at your home from Tuesday-Friday that week.  This will give your turkey plenty of time to defrost in your refrigerator.

    Yes, we can ship turkeys anytime after Nov. 6 - up until Christmas. We can not ship before Nov. 6. Use the calendar on this page to choose your delivery week.

    Yes we do. Each turkey comes with Farmer Dan's cooking instructions. Want to get a head start - CLICK HERE

    Stonewood Farm turkeys are not certified organic. To be certified organic they would have to hire an organization which would do an audit of their practices to give them the certification. However, the turkeys are all-natural, do not receive antibiotics or growth hormones, and are raised in a humane environment.

    The Stonewood Farm turkeys are given feed formulated of corn and soy meal specifically for Stonewood Farm. Working with their own nutritionist, they actually have different feed for the turkeys depending on how old and mature they are. They are not given any growth hormones.

    It will take approximately 4-5 days for a 20 pound turkey to fully defrost in the refrigerator - a day or two less for smaller turkeys. Do not thaw at room temperature - that is definitely unsafe.

    Your turkey will be just fine if you are not home when it is delivered, so long as you are able to put it in the refrigerator or freezer within 4-6 hours after it is delivered (depending on the temperatur where you live). If you will not be home for a few days, or you are traveling that week, let us know and we will take care of you and your turkey.

    The best we can do is the size ranges listed on this page (10-13 lbs., 14-16 lbs., and 17-20 lbs.). Last year we had a customer who was upset because he ordered a 10-13 lb turkey and got a 10.4 lb turkey. ) If you absolutely must have a 13 lb turkey, we recommend ordering a 14-16 lb turkey to be safe.

    We actually think a better question might be - why do factory-farm turkeys cost so little. As you know, turkeys in the supermarket are often a loss-leader, artificially priced lower than even the wholesale cost. To produce a turkey with the care and quality and standards of Stonewood Farm is, frankly, expensive. Heartstone Farm works to keep the price as low as possible.

    You sure can - you can pick up your turkey anytime after Nov. 13 at our Fulfillment Center in Dover-Foxcroft. When ordering, be sure to leave a note on the cart page that you want to pick up your turkey and when. Call us before you head our way to make sure it is ready.

    Our turkeys are flash frozen to insure freshness. Unlike supermarket turkeys (which are often frozen and then thawed) - which have may have been in transit for days and in your supermarket for up to a week - our turkeys have their freshness locked in when they are processed.

    The Stone family buys the poults when they are one day old and raise them 14 to 17 weeks in seven of their 50-by-240-foot metal-roofed, wood frame turkey barns. The barns have thick curtains that are pulled down and warmed with propane heaters, with the temperature reaching up to 100º until the poults get their feathers. When they are five weeks old, and feathered, the curtains are raised to allow sunshine and fresh Vermont air to flow through.

    They spend their days uncaged with their flock eating in peace and contentment. If it gets rainy, cold or windy, the curtains can be pulled down. They are slow growing, allowing for improved quality of meat and taste that is self-basting. They are fed no hormones, antibiotics or animal byproducts.