Stonewood Farm in Vermont

All-Natural Ground Turkey Breast

All-Natural Ground Turkey Breast

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Stonewood Farm in Vermont

All-Natural Ground Turkey Breast

All-Natural Ground Turkey Breast

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Ground Turkey Breast Meat - 1 lb Package

While some ground turkey breast can be a bit bland, ours is full of flavor because it's from our partner, Stonewood Family Farm in Vermont. Their turkeys are raised with plenty of fresh air, cool temps, best quality feed and good old TLC, without antibiotics or hormones. These high standards make for wholesome and delicious turkey meat and reflect our commitment to "meat you can trust."

Ground Turkey Breast is lower in saturated fat and calories, making it a heart-friendly choice that doesn't compromise on taste. High in protein and essential nutrients, it supports a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

It’s perfect for a variety of recipes from stir-fries and turkey burgers to tacos, meatloaf, kebabs and more.

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    • Turkeys are raised at Stonewood Farm in Orwell, Vermont
    • Humanely harvested on the farm
    • All Vegetable feed, whole grain
    • No hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products
    • Turkeys are raised in open-sided, uncrowded barns that provide fresh air and natural sunlight
    • USDA inspected
    • Air chilled
    • Flash frozen to preserve flavor and quality



    We carefully pack your order so it arrives in perfect condition at your front door. We use dry ice and compostable insulation to keep your order frozen and safe on its trip from our farm to your table.

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    A True Family Farm

    Established in 1976 by Paul and Francis Stone, Stonewood Farm in Orwell, Vermont has been a family owned and operated farm ever since and is now run by Peter Stone and Siegrid Mertens. Here are the rules of raising natural turkeys at their farm:

    • The turkey-friendly barns are uncrowded and open-sided providing lots of fresh air and natural sunlight
    • The turkeys are raised without hormones, antibiotics, or animal by-products added to their feed
    • There are no added preservatives or artificial ingredients
    • Humane care at Stonewood means plenty of Vermont air, cold nights, good feed, and tender loving care
    • The turkeys are intentionally grown slowly. This ensures a delicious and naturally self-basting turkey, which lends a superior flavor and juiciness that Stonewood Farm turkey is known for
    • To ensure a humane harvest, Stonewood turkeys are processed at an on-site USDA-approved processing plant that is operated by the family. All turkeys are individually hand graded to ensure the highest quality

    For more information about Stonewood Farm, read this informative article in Country Folks magazine

    A Note From Farmer Dan