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The best Yankee Pot Roast I ever had

By Dan Kaplan

On Sundays, when my kids were young (and I was still married), we would drive to visit my in-laws in Haverhill, Mass.

There were two things on the agenda most Sundays - me and my father-in-law watching the Patriots and the Yankee Pot Roast dinner my mother-in-law made us for Sunday dinner.

Most Sundays they were both winners (the Pot Roast always was).

Sunday dinner was usually around 2 and the table would be filled “Thanksgiving-style” with rolls, mashed potatoes, pickles, olives, butter, and wine. I think the rule must have been - if there’s still real estate left on the table we need another serving dish filled with something.

The centerpiece of the meal was the Yankee Pot Roast (prepared by my Yankee mother-in-law). It was a beautiful, juicy, tender chuck roast cooked to perfection and surrounded by onions and carrots. 

It was so delicious! I always had seconds. 

How to describe it?

It was beefy, and salty, and juicy, and a bit greasy. The carrots were infused with the flavor of the Pot Roast. It warmed my insides and made me relax. 

In every bite, I could feel the love my mother-in-law felt for us, for her children and her grandchildren.

My mother in law passed away 20 years ago. 

But she’s still here. I can practically smell the aroma coming from the oven as I write this. 

It can be that way with food - particularly a good Yankee Pot Roast.  

Surely you recall fondly something your mom or your grandmother made. 

Maybe (like me) you’ve tried to make their recipe yourself. But it wasn’t quite as good. Because they weren’t here. They didn’t make it.

This Sunday, make something your kids or your grandchildren will remember you for.


Here's a recipe I've used for Pot Roast. It may not be my mother-in-law's but it's damned good.  It's from The Pioneer Woman blog. 

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