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We're Not Certified Organic But Our Standards & Practices Are

By Lynne Viera

Customers sometimes ask us if our grass fed and finished beef is organic. While our practices adhere to organic standards - no antibiotics or hormones, non GMO, no pesticides, sustainable practices - Heartstone Farm's beef is not certified organic which is a USDA-regulated term.

In order to label beef "organic," farmers need to complete a certification process which can take up to three years. In addition, a USDA National Organic Program authorized certifying agent needs to oversee the farm and its practices to ensure it meets all USA organic regulations.

It's also important to know that you can buy organic meat that has been grain-fed and not grass fed. In this case, cows from an organic farm are fed organic feed (i.e. organic corn- or soy-based products) during their lifetime. A diet of fresh, healthy, nutrient-dense grass is better for the animals (and you) because cows are ruminants and they can convert grass into healthy protein. Grain diets are unnatural and often lead to chronic digestive issues and the need for antibiotics. Also, soy may be tied to breast cancer which can be problematic particularly with family history of cancer.

Heartstone Farm is committed to raising the healthiest meat possible that you and your family can trust. Our animals are 100% grass fed and finished and graze on wide open pasture, breathing in the fresh air of Maine. We raise our animals with no antibiotics, no vaccines or growth hormones. The animals grow naturally, as nature intended. Remember you are what you eat so clean, nutrient dense meat contributes to a healthy diet for you. Thank you for supporting sustainable agriculture and a healthy way forward for farming. 

We invite you to enjoy this video tour of the Heartstone Farm with Farmer Dan to see for yourself the care and commitment that goes into raising animals right.

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