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Tender, Juicy Chicken & Rice

By Heartstone Farm Kitchen

Almost every culture has a version of Chicken and Rice in their recipe repertoire. And for good reason. It's the ultimate hearty comfort food that's easy to make, serves a crowd and for the cook, makes for easy-clean up since it's prepared in just one pan.

What really matters most in this recipe is the quality of the chicken because it infuses the entire dish. If you really want to taste the difference between Heartstone Farm's chicken and conventional supermarket chicken, this is the perfect opportunity. Our chicken is all natural, humanely raised with no antibiotics, and air-chilled which retains the integrity of the deep, delicious flavor of the chicken. Grocery store chicken retains water weight from the chemical water baths used to cool down the chicken which dilutes the flavor of the chicken. Heartstone Farm chicken is so tender and juicy and the infusion of that flavor with the onions and seasoning is incredible. You'll find it hard to stop eating it.

Feel free to use just chicken drumsticks or chicken thighs but we like using them both so guests can choose their favorite. Plus it looks really nice served up in the pan. Bon appetit!




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