About Us

Our Story

Even though Heartstone Farm is only ten years old, you could say that for Tara and myself - the farm is our life's work.

We have spent our entire lives on a journey to this place.

This is where we were meant to be.

For me, the seeds were planted when I was in grade school in Kansas. My best friend’s grandparents lived on a farm, and every Sunday I joined David and his parents for a day at their farm. There was no indoor plumbing, but I loved every minute of being there. My career and life took detours, but I knew I always wanted to be a farmer.

Tara’s passion and love for all animals, and her desire for her children to grow up in a place where nature and cows outnumbered cars.

Both of us have long wanted to find a way to break free of relying on factory farms and big ag for our food.

Ten years ago we started to look for a farm in Maine where we could fulfill our dreams and our mission.

The Way Nature Intended

Our mission is to raise good food in a natural way, without the use of things like antibiotics. We believe that cattle should be fed the one thing they are biologically designed to digest - grass. We believe our cattle should be loved and never be stressed, by their handling or by their environment. These principles guide us everyday - and we know they result in better meat, both nutritionally as well as in the flavor department.

The Farm

Heartstone Farm is 500 acres of woods, streams and pastures about 30 minutes north of Bangor. This part of Maine is recognized for its perfect grass-growing environment - both in terms of the climate and the soil.