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Why you should be eating grass fed beef liver

By Dan Kaplan

Beef organ meats have become somewhat unfashionable in recent years, with people increasingly favoring muscle meats (such as steaks and roasts). This means fewer kids are growing up regularly eating liver for dinner, and it also means that people don't know the health benefits of grass fed beef liver.

But beef liver is a genuine superfood and one that any health-conscious person should consider adding to their diet.

Here’s the scoop on beef liver nutrition:

A Great Protein Source

We don't need to waste time telling you the importance of protein. It has major benefits for everything from blood pressure to metabolism to muscle mass. Getting more in your diet is something most of us want, but the classic protein sources, such as fish and meats, tend to be on the more expensive side.

Luckily, beef liver is both protein-rich and inexpensive. A 3-ounce beef liver serving will contain on average 17 grams of protein. What's more, protein is filling, meaning that a little beef liver, added to a stir fry or bolognese, goes a long way.

Rich In Nutrients And Vitamins

As well as protein, being packed with nutrients and vitamins is one of the crucial health benefits of grass fed beef liver. In particular, beef liver is a great source of Vitamins A and B12.

Vitamin A is vital to the immune system and reproduction, while its also of great benefit to your vision, skin and the functioning of organs like the heart and the kidneys. Vitamin B12 assists in the formation of red blood cells, while it also thought to be beneficial to proper brain function, skin and bones.

Beef liver also offers a host more important nutrients, all with outstanding benefits for your body: from Vitamin B9 for cell growth, to iron for oxygen circulation and copper for energy and brain function.

Why Go Grass Fed?

"Grass fed" isn’t just a buzzword; there are numerous genuine reasons why it's the way to go with beef products.

Primarily, it's a more natural diet for cows than the feed used in conventional beef production. As a result, grass fed cows will produce healthier, higher-quality beef that is leaner and richer in its vital nutrients. On top of this, grass fed beef has a far lower carbon footprint than its factory-farmed equivalent.

And there you have it: just a few of the many reasons why grass fed beef liver is a healthy, economical, ecological superfood! So why not head down to your butchers and then get online for some recipe tips to get beef liver into your diet.


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