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Should you buy half a cow?

By Dan Kaplan

Here’s the best way to get your beef from us: buy a Quarter of a cow (or a Half or a Whole).

Why do I think that’s the best way to buy from us? I’m glad you asked:)  

Let’s start with the obvious - you’re getting some great beef! Our 100% Grass Fed beef is raised and grazed right here on our farm in Maine. It’s local, healthy and delicious. (OK, end of commercial.)

And it’s cheaper. Recently I’ve been working on our pricing - with the goal to give the best pricing to customers who buy our cow shares. The savings add up - buying a Quarter Share will easily save you over $200 over the price of buying by the cut. (Click here to find out more about our Cow Shares.)

Another reason to buy a share is convenience. Frankly, our online inventory of steaks and roasts is often sold out. But our customers who buy shares don’t have to worry about that - because their freezer is already full of Heartstone Farm steaks, roasts, and burger.

And there’s this convenience factor: You know that 4 o’clock feeling when you realize you don’t have anything for dinner and the last thing you want to

do is run to the store? When you’re a share customer, poof! The dreaded 4 pm run to the grocery store is a distant memory.

Those are the rational, tangible reasons to buy a Share. But I think there’s a less-tangible but equally important thing to consider.

When you buy a Share of a cow from us, it changes your relationship with your

food. I’ve seen it happen so many times when I deliver a Share to a customer. I think maybe it's this: I’m not just delivering a few random cuts of meat to customers. The real farmer is delivering real meat from a real cow that grazed our real pastures.

(Did you know we deliver our Beef Halves and Quarters to Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts?)

A couple of years ago I delivered to a customer in Portland and a week later she emailed me to tell me how much she and her family were enjoying their Quarter Share. I’ll always remember the words she used: “we are really loving our bounty” she wrote.

I know this - no one ever went to Hannaford and came home with their freezer filled and said they were loving their grocery store bounty.

So it’s not just convenience and saving money (though those might be reason enough), it’s also having a freezer full of beef that you’re connected to.


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