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Life's too short to eat bad meat

By Dan Kaplan

When it comes down to it, here's why I'm a farmer:

Life’s too short to eat bad meat.

I mean - the stuff at the grocery store - it’s tasteless, pumped full of antibiotics, from cattle that were stressed by the terrible environment of feedlots.

That doesn’t sound good - and it isn’t good.

It isn’t good for the environment, your health or my health, or the cattle.

Really - why would anyone serve that for dinner tonight? (It’s not even that cheap anymore.)

Nearly ten years ago, I started raising beef - all grass-fed - on our farm in Maine. (Not just grass-fed, but grass-finished.)

We took our time and we did things differently. For instance, it can take up to 24 months for us to grow our beef (versus as few as 12-14 months on a feedlot.)

I’d rather do it right - even if it takes more time.

Even if it’s extra work.

We move our cattle to new pastures - every single day. We treat our animals humanely - because it’s the right thing to do.

I just wanted to get back to how things used to be - before big ag corporations started monopolizing meat production in this country. 

Before beef started tasting more like cardboard than beef.

The flavor of our beef is what stands out to our new customers. They say things like “this is the way beef used to taste when I was a kid.” 

It's no accident - our beef does taste better - because of what we do everyday on the farm. 

We’ve built a bit of a following - and our business has grown. 

But that’s not why I started doing this.

I just wanted to raise cattle - the right way - cause life’s too short to eat bad meat.

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