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Here's what drove me to become a grassfed beef farmer

By Farmer Dan

I wasn't always Farmer Dan. In fact -  I didn't get into farming until I was in my 50's after a pretty good career as an entrepreneur (but that's another story).

Before I was a farmer,  I did like most people - I bought my family's food at the grocery store. And, until a few years ago, I didn't think much about who grew the food, or how it was grown, or what chemicals it contained.  Or how it was effecting my health.

By the time I was 50 I was overweight. I had high blood pressure. I had chronic acid reflux. Every year or two, it was something else. 

I didn't like the way things were going. 

My docs did what docs do: they prescribed pills and more pills. 

But I couldn't get over feeling that there was something else - that my diet and my sedentary lifestyle were not helping. 

I started reading about food and diet and how they contribute to our health issues. It just made so much sense. 

We are what we eat. 

Eat better, live better.

The more I looked into it, the more I realized that the food and meat in grocery stores was part of the problem. 

I discovered that the beef I was eating was produced in feed lots and fed corn so that they could grow fast and be slaughtered at 14 months. And because corn makes the cows sick they were all given antibiotics to keep them from dying. And those antibiotics did not magically disappear from the cows after they were butchered - they were in my meat. 

That just seemed wrong. 

But I found that finding better food - specifically beef - is difficult. I'm picky. I didn't just want local, grass fed beef - I wanted delicious local grass fed beef. 

And so - long story short - I bought a beautiful 300 acre farm in Maine a few years ago. And I started raising grass fed, grass finished, all natural beef. And we did all the right things - and made a commitment - to raising the best tasting beef in the Northeast. 

Fast forward a few years - and here we are. We sell our Heartstone Farm beef directly to consumers - not in stores. We enjoy getting to know our customers - they become like family. 

That is my story. And it's the story of this farm.

If you've had a similar journey -  seeing your health change and if you've thought about finding better, local, grass fed meat - perhaps you'd enjoy our beef.

It turns out that has been the best part of me becoming Farmer Dan - raising healthy, natural, great tasting beef that actually helps our customers improve their health.

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