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Doritos vs. grass fed beef - which one do the “experts” say is healthier?

By Dan Kaplan

We’ve made life way too complicated. Maybe that's just the nature of our human species. We’re so arrogant as a species that we decided we should “improve” upon nature - especially when it comes to what we eat.

What nature has been providing for all of human existence wasn’t good enough. Humans have been around this earth for 200,000 years. Humans first starting farming only 12,000 years ago.

Over the past few decades scientists have been seriously studying nutrition and health. Their research determined that a “healthy” diet was low in fat and protein and full of carbs. So we altered our diet over the last 50 years, and in so doing we became obese, got sick with diabetes and had more cancer and heart disease. Scientists - the folks who invented “low fat” Doritos (as fake a food as I can imagine) told us to eat less beef (as natural a food as I know of).

We abandoned nature and substituted science, marketing, and the almighty dollar.  How’s that working so far?

Here’s a radical idea - We ought to leave nature alone. How arrogant that we presume to improve upon the gifts bestowed on us by a greater power than us!

I am trying to do my part by “raising beef the way nature intended.”  While others might try to improve upon nature (feeding cows corn which makes them fat and sick), I am raising beef in a manner that most resembles nature. They roam pastures, eating grass which they are uniquely able to digest. The result is the opposite of Doritos. Our 100% grass fed beef is a health food. I am convinced that a diet that includes grass fed beef will make you healthier, will reduce disease, will reduce obesity.

I’m not arrogant enough to think I can improve upon nature. All I am doing is imitating it - and in so doing helping people eat better and live better. Simple as that.

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