why order a beef share from heartstone farm?

know the source

You and your family know the farmer who grew your beef - and that the animals were treated humanely

All Natural

We only feed our cattle grass - from start to finish. We don't use antibiotics, mRNA vacciners, or homones

delivered free

We'll pack up your share and ship it frozen to you - in our insulated boxes with plenty of dry ice

Steakhouse Quality

We dry age your beef for 14 days and then it's hand cut by our artisan butchers

the best-tasting beef you've ever had

Enjoy the best-tasting burgers, steaks, and roasts you've ever had. Our beef share customers rave about the flavor - the result of cattle that graze our lush pastures and beef that is dry-aged for 14 days.

See What's Included

Beat inflation (and supply chain issues)

Beef prices have been on the rise now for a few years - and they're only going up from here. Lock in your supply and your price with a beef share.

Stop taking chances with your beef

You and your family deserve to know where your beef came from. And who grew it. And did it get injected with antibiotics. Your beef share in your freezer locks in your supply and your price.

Order Your Share
  • Buy Direct from the Farmer

    We are dedicated to raising the healthiest, best-tasting beef.

  • We deliver throughout New England and beyond

    We carefully pack and ship your Share - using dry ice and insulated boxes

What do you get in a 1/4 beef share?





It's Easy to Order

Choose Your Size

What size is right for your family? A 1/4 share has 170 servings (double for a Side).

Choose Your Delivery Date

What month would you like delivery?

Choose Your Options

Before your delivery, we'll go over your meat options with you.

Have a Question? Call Us

We are always happy to answer your questions or take your order (207)897-1780 M-F 9-2

Delivered to You $49

Do you live in Maine, New Hampshire or Greater Boston? If you do we deliver your Share right to your house in our freezer van - for just $49. We schedule our delivery so it's convenient for you - and your beef will be frozen solid.Delivery outside of Maine, NH, and Massachusetts is available for $129 via UPS.

Flash Frozen Guaranteed Fresh for 12 Months

Heartstone Farm beef is flash frozen as soon as it is processed. And it's packaged in vacuum-sealed Cryovac - to stay fresh in your freezer for up to 12 months.

Save up to 25%

When you buy a Beef Share - you save up to 25% off the price you would pay for individual cuts.


How big of a freezer will I need?

We recommend approximately 4.5 cubic feet for a Quarter Share. And double that for a Side. Either a chest freezer or an upright freezer will work, though an upright makes for easier organization and access. If your freezer is going to be in a cold space like a garage make sure you look for freezers that are labeled as "garage ready."

How long will the beef last in my freezer?

Your meat will be good for up to 12 months in your freezer without any safety or quality issues - so long as your freezer is only opened occasionally. For instance if you used your refrigerator freezer and opened it a few times a day the "shelf life" could be reduced.

Can I change what comes in my share?

We try to accommodate customer's special requests as best we can. We can almost always substitute additional ground beef for cuts or roasts that you won't use.

Are you organic?

Everything we do on the farm is consistent with organic standards and practices, however we are not "certified" organic. This is a choice we've made due to the costs of getting certified. Our practices include no antibiotics, no chemical fertilizers, and, of course, no feed except for grass.

How can I add chicken to my delivery?

We can deliver Tide Mill Organic Farm chicken with your Share order. About 2 weeks before delivery you'll receive an email inviting you to add chicken to your Share delivery - at a 10% discount off our website prices.

What if I am not home when you deliver?

We will work with you to select a delivery date where you will be around. You do not need to be home for delivery - your Share will be fine for a few hours. But it should be put in your freezer as soon as possible. We do not leave your Share without receiving a confirmation from you that you will be home that day.

Can I split my share with a friend or relative?

Absolutely, and many or our customers do just that. We can even divide up the Share so you don't have to. If we deliver the Share to two different addresses there is an additional delivery fee ($49).

How lean is your ground beef?

Our ground beef is 85/15 - and it is delicious.

Can I get soup bones with my share?

We can include up to 6 pounds of our marrow bones with your Share delivery at no additional charge. Put a note in the "Additional Instructions" box at checkout or send us an email after you place your order.

Do you ship shares outside of Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts?

We can (and do) ship Shares via UPS to customers who live in areas where we do not hand deliver. Your share will be packed in insulated packaging with ice to ensure it arrives at your home in excellent condition. Typically with a Quarter Share we will use 3 boxes with a total weight well over 100 lbs. The charge for this shipping is $129.We insure your shipment in the event of shipping issues.

Can I pick up my share and save on shipping?

You sure can - and many of our customers do that. You can pick it up at the farm in Charleston or at our store in Dover-Foxcroft. If you are planning to pick up your Share, please indicate that in the note at checkout, or email us. We will issue you a refund for the shipping/delivery charge.

I have a question not listed here - can I call you?

Of course! We like nothing better than chatting with customers and prospective customers! Call us at (207)424-0063 or email farmerdan@heartstonefarm.me.

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